Reliable affiliate programs

Reliable affiliate programs – Profitable affiliate programs

In this article we will speak about reliable and profitable affiliate programs with example of online casino affiliate vendors.

The fact is that working with this or that affiliate program, you will have only a percentage of its income, and much here depends on the amount of interest and on the honesty of the representatives of the company. The terms of cooperation for all reliable affiliate programs are different and each has its own nuances. Although, at first glance, it may seem that everything is somehow similar, since the interest rate is approximately the same, this is not the true situation.

What should you pay attention to in the first place?

Top 3 reliable & profitable affiliate programs





Firstly, strangely enough, to the product itself – casinos, poker rooms, sport books, etc., offered by one or another reliable affiliate program. We need to understand how popular they are with players (especially players for real money), what are the prospects for the institution and in which niche it is best to promote.

The second is, of course, the partner conditions, that is, how much you will be paid in the future, rather than in the first month – two (many profitable affiliate websites offer an increased percentage for the beginning), what is the minimum payment from the partner’s ac

Reliable affiliate programs - Profitable affiliate programsReliable affiliate programs – Profitable affiliate programs

count and whether the negative balance is transferred to next reporting period. The commission structure of various partners (revenue share) can vary greatly in both size and accrual basis. The percentage can vary from 20% to 60%, it can be flat rate – for example, 40% flat commission – or dynamic revenue share when the commission will depend on how many new depositing accounts you bring for this month – for example, you will get 25% of you bring 1 to 3 new depositors, 35% if you bring 4 to 10 and 50% if you bring 11 and more. It’s worth saying that if you are new in this business and have a small traffic then choosing a flat commission is more profitable in an affiliate program with whereas the progressive percentage which depends on the number of new players is more profitable for affiliates with a big traffic.

There are also CPA deals (cost per action) available in the most reliable affiliate programs. They are more secure for an affiliate since you get paid a fixed amount for a qualified player (usually a player who made a minimum deposit). Affiliates get paid in general about $50 – $200 per player, but there are custom-made deals for available. The disadvantage of CPA deal is that you get paid only ones.

The minimum payout is also very important, as for some profitable affiliate programs set the minimum payout limit and sometimes it is quite high – like $250. For a beginner, such a limit can be unattainable for a long time, especially if the program also carries a negative balance. A typical example of such an affiliate program is EuroPartners, where the minimum withdrawal is the largest in the industry – $250, in conjunction with the negative carry-over.

Speaking about the negative carry-over, such thing can’t define a profitable affiliate program. Negative carry-over means that if you have a negative balance at the end of the month, it will transfer to the next moth.

In fact, the writing down of cons (negative carry-over) clearly divides the affiliate programs into two types – “Greedy” and “Loyal” in relation to the partner. But, despite this, you can not neglect those that have some cons because they often offer very good projects, popular with players (still speaking about EuroPartners). ¬†And with good traffic you can make very good money with them.

Other important factors when choosing a profitable affiliate program are payment method options, number of presented brands, quality of marketing materials and support.

So those are the things to consider when signing up to an affiliate program. There are only reliable affiliate programs on our website so you can go ahead and choosy any. Good luck!

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